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Andy Hopper is a American frog who is one of the main characters on Let's Go Luna!.

He is voiced by Jaiden Cannatelli in episodes 1-27, and Evan O'Donnell in episodes 29-present.


Andy is a green frog with lime spots and no ears/nose. He wears a blue beret and orange shorts. His feet are long and have three toes. 


Andy is a bit fat painter who is quite skilled at painting, sketching and other forms of art. He is also good at photography.

His mother is a costume designer for the traveling circus and his father is the prop designer, which acts as his inspiration for wanting to become an painter.

Of the trio, Andy is often portrayed as the most interested in his unfamiliar surroundings.

However, he becomes more comfortable after he learns more about each nation's culture.


Andy, his family, and friends are part of a traveling circus known as "Circo Fabuloso", which travels around the world. As a result, He, alongside his friends Carmen Mariposa and Leo Chockers are never living in one area at once, and become unfamiliar with their surroundings. Luckily, the three of them have Luna the Moon who travels with them all the time, and knows almost everything therein to know about the country they are located within at any given point.

Many of the episodes pertaining to him often focus on him understanding the concepts of different nation's artistic cultures to help him solve personal problems, such as the meanings of murals painted in Mexico City, or how to effectively read hieroglyphs in Egypt. With the knowledge, Andy becomes confident over how to impress his family and friends with his new findings.

In "Pulling Strings" he and Carmen denounce their friendship after the two argue what they should do that day. The two of them later reconcile after watching a traditional Indian Kathputli play, which combines art and music together.

In Elmo and Rudy to the rescue he brings to rescue poor James


  • What's the Big Idea? explains that he loves to paint.
  • Spring Has Not Sprung reveals that while singing Luna, come and play, Andy says “Luna, dull and grey?”.
    • This is the first time in the song that a lyric is changed.
  • Andy My Boy is his first favorite song.


  • Andy's Art Studio


  • I Will Paint a Mural
  • Please Come Back Soon
  • Andy My Boy (Song by Syd and The Sydneys)
  • Alaska

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