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"The official Let's Go Luna movie account, coming in cinemas 29th of July, hang on tight, cuz Luna will travel you around the world to explore many countries! -#LetsGoLuna2020"

Let's Go Luna The Movie

Luna and Friends, into the World!, also known as Let's Go Luna: The Movie outside of the USA, is an upcoming American-Canadian animated film based on the TV show Let's Go Luna!. It was directed by Juna M. Skinen, produced by Jake Mixson, created by Google Doodles AS and Blue Sky Studios in the USA

A sequel is scheduled to be theatrically released on July 21, 2022 with Marko Kennet and Vince Sanchez to direct.

The movie began development in early 2019, Joe Murray announced that the movie will take time than expected, As of August 2019, production on the movie, has been finished, and as of October 2019, they have set release dates of this movie the Canada's version will be December 25, 2019, and the U.S.'s version will be July 29, 2020.


While the Amusement Circo has a break, the trio were out to see Luna, Luna comes to say hi to the trio and goes on a world travels, but how can she walk around the world without a passport?


  • luna the moon
  • Andy
  • Carmen
  • Leo
  • Senor Fabuloso
  • Mr Hockbar
  • Maria
  • Pippa Chockers
  • Wolfgang Chockers
  • Mathilda
  • Lucie Hopper
  • Sam Hopper
  • Ingrid Svensbenson
  • Shrew
  • Chindra
  • Salami Strong
  • Pablo


The rating of this movie will be rated G.


  • This is the first Let's Go Luna theatrical movie made.